EV Links

Here are some of the websites and online resources that we hav e used ourselves.  If you have suggestions, leave us comments:

Online Resources: – the free app that is designed to help EV drivers deal with public charging issues before they reach the conflict stage.  You can join the app for free and use it on a smartphone, tablet or PC. – Green Car Reports has reviews of EV and other energy efficient vehicles, as well as interesting articles.

An article about using your EV as a backup power source for emergencies (this is a question that we often get asked): – Look up public charging stations on this free website. A good resource if you are thinking about your charging options before purchase or when doing trip planning. – Chargepoint is one of the largest public charger companies.  Many of the EV chargers put in by governments and companies are made by them.  You can use the website to look up charging locations.  We joined this so we could activate any chargepoint charger with our RFID cards on our key rings. – One of the national EV clubs. They helped put on the Drive Electric Week event. – A non-profit EV group, who does a lot of outreach. – The Sierra Club are really behind all sorts of positive environmental actions, and they are big EV supporters.

Car Pages: – The Chevy Volt official site from Chevy – The Nissan Leaf offcial site from Nissan






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