We Are A Two EV Household

My Life In Cars

People covet many things: beautiful homes, designer clothing, jewelry, etc. For me, cars have never been one of them. I always viewed cars as a depreciating asset and a necessary evil. My ideal was to pay cash for a gently used vehicle you bought from a private individual. EVs were exotic creatures only glimpsed at green themed conventions – out of reach and out of my price range. So, it’s pretty weird to now have an EV only household.

We Are A Two EV HouseholdFor me, the important thing about EVs is lowering my carbon footprint and saying “sayonara” to the gas station. Those are no brainers. The obstacle was simply price. The tipping point came when Jamie located first the Volt, and then the Leaf, both available for lease for about $300 and $200, respectively. It’s hard to argue with that math. The cost of leasing is equivalent to my gas bill. Yes, there was an initial investment of a down payment, but we are also free of the constant stream of repairs and maintenance that went with our used cars. With leasing everything is under warranty.

So, the real question is how is it going? Well, I can assure everyone that I am possibly as untech savvy, as Jamie is tech savvy, and I don’t plan to change. I’m honestly having no trouble. My only challenge is keeping my hands and eyes off the controls for my new sirius radio, while I’m driving. Most of my trips are about 20 miles, so I don’t experience “range anxiety”, and of course the Volt does have a gas tank as well if you choose to use it. It’s way quieter than a conventional vehicle, so I’m extra paranoid about going slow in my neighborhood where there are plenty of people and pets on foot and paw. Also, the Volt has a special pedestrian horn to help make its presence known. It is extremely luxurious inside and I have a big case of “imposter syndrome”, as I feel like I don’t belong in this super fancy vehicle, but I expect that will fade quickly. Love, love, love not going to gas station!