2014 Nissan Leaf

The 2014 Leaf

2014 Nissan Leaf

All electric, with no gas recharging engine to cover you.  But the average range, according to the Leaf information is at least 84 miles – this could be even more depending on your driving settings and conditions.  I have had the range indicator show over 100 miles after a charge up.  Range on any EV depends on your driving style, attentiveness to your range/power/speed/acceleration factors, and your climate settings.

leaf dash show full chargeThe specs show a 24kWh Lithium Ion Battery pack, with specs at 30 kW-hrs per 100 miles.  I will talk more about range of these EVs in specific posts.

We got our leaf on May 15,  2014 – on a 3yr, 36,000 mile lease – for $228/month including taxes (we traded in an SUV and put $2000 down).

For comparision purposes, here is the actual window sticker from our 2014 Leaf SV:

The actual window sticker from our 2014 Leaf SV