Why we Are Doing This…

To put this blog into context, it is important to understand what Kim and I are trying to.  Essentially, this blog is an experiment – at 4 levels.

Technical: What is it really like to drive 100% on electric power - commuting to work, driving kids to school, shopping, vacation trips, charging at home and in public?
Environmental: Can we really figure out ways, as individuals and as a society, to save our planet from the climate change disaster. Are EVs part of  that equation?
Financial: Does upgrading older vehicles to new EVs make economic sense, including the cost of buying vs leasing, the cost of charging vs buying gasoline, the costs of normal gas car repairs vs EV maintenance?
Psychological: Does doing something we both feel strongly about to help the environment also help our relationship? Are there any EV related stresses or anxieties to deal with, such a range anxiety or charger sharing?

We both talked about it and each of us felt it was worth the effort to chronicle this adventure, so that others might get inspired to make the leap as well, to a practical and more sustainable future.

We have decided to try to field questions from anyone who is thinking about driving an EV or who might be having some sort of issues holding them back.  If we feel it is useful for the larger community, we will post the question and our answer.  Use this contact form to communicate with us.