leaf dash show full charge

Leaf range indicator at 102 miles!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Leaf is showing 102 miles this morning on the range indicator. This is after about 3 days of operation and charging, on the “trickle charger” on the home 110v circuit.

Months ago when we first got the Volt, I noticed that the fully charged range startLeaf charging at homeed out around 38 miles.  After a few weeks, as I remember it, the range started going up to typically 42 to 44 miles.  The Volt seems to charge up to its highest reading when on a Level 2 charger as opposed to the home 110v charger.  I will have to experiment on both cars to see if this effect is real or not.

I have the car set on ECO mode, which I am finding very good for normal driving. By default, the car was not in ECO mode.  With ECO off, the car feels almost exactly like the Volt when it is in Normal mode, in terms of acceleration.

leaf dash show full charge Again, it is not what it says as much as how you drive the car.  If you pay close attention to the acceleration and speed, as well as juggle the climate controls, you can often get more distance than the range indicator says.  However, the inverse is true too.  If you have to blast your way onto an Interstate, or decide to let it rip on the way to an important meeting or class or something, you may get less than you thought.

volt dash show full chargeHere is the Volt on a normal full charge.  Thought – we will have to find a secluded ‘track’ somewhere and do a test drag race with the Leaf and the Volt :)