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Our city to get it’s first public EV charging station

Even though our small city, Temple Terrace, was the host of 2 EV events, we have never had a public charging station.   There are lots of them around our area, but nothing in the city limits.  With the leadership of one of our City Council members, Grant Rimbey, there is going to be a new one put in Temple Terrace.

plugshare-hole-with-no-chargersI was able to talk for a few minutes at a city meeting a month or so ago, about the need for this.  It is not just for the public good – it also is a way to boost the economy.  I passed out a screen-grab of a Plugshare map to everyone  on the council showing the ‘hole’ with no chargers.

I explain to every business owner I talk to that people like me really do look at online charging station maps before starting on a drive or errand. If a restaurant or some other place has a station, it can often  influence me to go there.

Well, there was an article in the Tampa Tribune today that talks about this whole subject.  There is even a little bit about Kim and I and our cars, as well as some of our friends. Kim even has her picture (I took) in the paper!

I was a little bit bummed that it did not link back to us here, or to my app!  Oh well, on the cutting room floor. But at least we are doing our little bit toward helping with climate change.   I just know now that after driving our cars for over 10 months, that everyone could be driving an EV.  So one public charging station in Temple Terrace is just another bit of the infrastructure needed to blossom the EV movement.  It is not only coming… it is here now :)

Here is the link to the online version of the article:


Tesla opens up its patents to everyone to use

As a Computer Engineer who loves to program in open source languages and use open source software, this news from Tesla sounds terrific!  They are in effect open sourcing the technology they are using to make the Tesla EVs.  Here is the link to the press release:

That means that other people can build upon their technology base, just like programmers can build apps for Android on your cellphone or tablet.  We are truly entering a new stage in the new information revolution!  Moving from the industrial/factory model to an emerging open source/creative model.  If you want to find out more about open source, it is a fascinating concept that has altered the world of computer technology for a long time – now moving into EVs.

We will have to wait and see what the other EV companies do – or maybe it will be up to a new crowd to take EVs to a new level.  In any effect, it is exciting!